Your special someone is a trailblazer in their industry and we make unique products that no one should ever be without. With love in the air and Valentine's Day right around the corner, allow us to help you find the perfect token of love for that someone special. 

Whether it's for him, her or yourself, you will find something rare that you will not find anywhere else. Quality, premium, personalized gifts for the storytellers, pioneers, visionairies and creators of the world are what we do best. 

For our Valentine's Day gift to you, use the below gift guide to discover the perfect present and use VALENTINE21 promo code at check-out to receive an extra-special discount on all the amazing items in our store. 

The Breakfast Club movie defined a generation in John Hughes’ classic 1985 movie hit. The character development in this movie is legendary and has carried on for many generations. Whoever you are, there is a character you can relate to.

We have taken these amazing characters to help you to shop for your special someone this Valentine’s day. Check out our gift guide by Breakfast Club archetype below.

These archetypes serve as a simple way to choose your favorite gifts for your real-life loved one.

Claire Standish: The Princess

Every princess or queen needs her throne!

Recommended Gifts:

Tall Director Chair

Customized Canvas: Put her favorite quote, nickname, queen, princess, song lyric, project title, job title or social media handle

This Leading Lady deserves a gift that can last a lifetime. She knows what she wants and she used to getting it! Deliver on your promises and blow her away with a Filmcraft chair.

Extras to consider to support her dreams and aspirations: Pre-Printed Actress, Director or Producer canvas

John Bender: The Criminal 

This character is definitely the rebel of the group and as such, deserves our 'Modern Take' on the Classic Director Chair 

Available in short or tall - since he or she likes to think outside the box, they might prefer our short model

This smooth talker probably has the best nicknames, unique songs they love or wrote themselves and this should lead your way with customization! Print on the front or back or both and let them know YOU GET THEM and you love their unique style. 

Also recommended: alternate canvas colors (consider getting different colors and let this rebel mix and match on their chair for years to come)

Extras to consider: Limited-Edition Filmcraft beanie to keep his or her head warm while they run around doing all their shenanigans or just because they look cool 


Allison Reynolds: The Basket Case

He or she doesn't fit in well with others and we love that about them! That's why we recommend mixing it up with a short and tall chair combo. Go crazy and do different frame colors! Why fit in when you can stand out?

What do you gift that off-beat friend who creates better than anyone you know? 

This is where our personalization tool really comes in handy. Use our custom canvas creator and get as wacky as you want with the style!

Since this character is always changing their mind, this is the perfect person to give our gift card to! You gift them our gift card in any value and then they can redeem the code and create whatever they want! Give them choice and watch them create the chair of their dreams. 


Brian Johnson: The Brain

This lovable nerd is probably often buried in a book in a reading nook or at his or her computer working away. That's why our short chair is the perfect fit.

or if this geeky stud is your partner, go for the sweetheart special and score two!

Extras: replacement canvas so their chairs always look as fresh as can be 

They are ocd about style so go the extra mile and design the perfect chair for them. This character excels at just about every subject they learn so make sure you consider their aspirational dreams - nerdy today could very well be Director tomorrow! 

Pre-Printed Director Chair

Extras: pre-print canvas backs - All they want is to be loved by you! Help them reach their dreams and let them know that you love them just the way they are

Andrew Clark :The Athlete

This is definitely for your accomplished partner who is up at 5am and on the go all day long. They depend on quality construction and premium product so they can focus on upping their game and smashing their goals.

Tall Natural or Black Chair is the choice for this active lifestyle (plus this is the best height choice for that tall, athletic type in your life)

Durable, foldable and easy-to travel with, all of our chairs will work for this man or woman on-the-go.

Upgrade with a custom canvas - inspirational quotes are their 'thing' so you should definitely pick their favorite and print that on the canvas. When they look at that chair, they will be motivated and will remember that you see their dreams and believe in them. 

Extras: Filmcraft beanies for post work-out nights and to keep their ears warm when they go for their nighttime or early morning runs

Don't forget our sweetheart special. This guy or gal loves to be coupled up. Show them you travel at their speed and get a chair for both of you! 

They work hard and are super dedicated so this gift needs to be next-level just like they are. 

Whoever you are shopping for, we hope we have helped to inspire your gifting and we are here any time to assist you in selecting or designing the perfect pro-grade gift. Need help? call or email us - Your Filmcraft Family has your back and we are ready to make this a Valentine's day to remember. 






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