About Us

We are Filmcraft Studio Gear

Created for the storytellers, the visionaries, the rebels, the change-makers, the dreamers, the ambitious, the movers and the shakers, the innovative ones..the ones who teach us lessons and history. 

The ones who make us laugh and make us cry. They make us change the way we see the world and inspire us to do the impossible. This is the seat of their imagination. Their story, unfolded. 

It all started with a question, "Why are director's chairs so expensive?"

We never did find out the answer but it did set us on a mission to build the best directors chair possible. With almost 20 years experience working in the guitar industry, we learned a lot about manufacturing and product development. Our top mission was to create a reliable and well built chair worthy of the talent that sat in them. They may not produce a musical note but some of the greatest creative works were produced in a director chair. 

We Don't Sell Cheap Chairs. We sell Quality Chairs at Affordable Prices

It was incredibly important that Filmcraft Chairs are built to last. Saving money is important, but if it has to come at a cost of durability, it won't be worth it. That's why we build quality into every chair we sell. From stage to studio, our director chairs keep VIP comfortable and in control. They might not notice all the creature comforts in the chairs but your accountant will. 

What will you do with the savings?

When you see the Filmcraft logo on your director chairs, it is a promise of quality, durability and comfort, all folded into one. Our goal is to provide the best quality director chairs at any price.