Cure Boredom

Cure Boredom

Millions of Americans are stuck at home, working from home or safely staying at home during this world crisis. How are they curing boredom? 

Many families have developed their own games. Fun activities outside of schoolwork and working from home help to pass the time and distract from the stress of daily life. Doing these activities helps to bond your family even further and creates a nice and relaxed atmosphere in your home.

Many are coping by cleaning and organizing their homes. By decluttering, it is making homes more comfortable and more appealing to relax in and to work from. 

Many have taken up painting, photography, cooking, Youtube videos, online tutorials, classes, creative endeavors, book writing, book reading and gardening. 

How can a director chair help you during this time? It's simple! A director chair is the perfect addition to your fresh space. Multiple chairs make a new, clean space for your family. Cure boredom by creating custom canvases and artwork for your chairs. 

You can create as many as you wish and each and every time you will get entered into our contest to win!

We may be stuck inside and stuck at home but our creativity and ability to persevere has never faded. Upgrade your space and maximize your time to bond with your families today. 

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