Emmy Magazine: Women In Media This Way Up

Emmy Magazine: Women In Media This Way Up

We are so thrilled to see one of our favorite organizations, Women In Media, featured on the Television Academy website for Emmy Magazine.

Seen here is Allison Vanore, Secretary Treasurer of Women in Media and Camaraderie Producer as well as Tema Staig, Executive Director of Women in Media at Television City in Los Angeles. 

Real Change In Action! 

Article written by the amazing Marya E. Gates and Photo by Ashly Covington

Discussing making films with the Camaraderie initiative, Illumination Training with MBS group/Television City and inclusive crews.

#HireTheseWomen #ParityInAction #womennmedia #femalefilmmakers


Link to the full article can be seen here: https://digital.emagazines.com/Emmy/20211117/mobile/index.html?t=b76f3c7e-7310-4ad6-abd6-d18dafc89da8&utm_campaign=testlink_emmy&utm_source=Test&utm_medium=Test#p37

To join Women in Media - head to https://www.womennmedia.com/

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