Filmcraft Family Check-in: Jose Noriega Fluotec

Filmcraft Family Check-in: Jose Noriega Fluotec

We caught up with some of our favorite Filmcraft Family, Jose Noriega of Fluotec

FLUOTEC is a leading manufacturer of professional LED fixtures for television studios, motion pictures, video & photography (213) 296-4202

We will find out more about this extraordinary company below but let's find out more about you and update us on the latest with Fluotec, your community and your family!

I started working for Fluotec in 2011 as a Consultant and then they hired me as their Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer

What is your favorite part of being in the film industry??

My favorite part is working with intelligent and creative people

During this pandemic, how have you been curing boredom? What activities have you been up to?

I do yoga and meditate in the morning and then work all day to defend us from boredom

What events/online activities do you have coming up?

We are participating in NAB EXPRESS

We get so many compliments on your Fluotec director chairs! What is your favorite thing about them??

We love them! Your FILMCRAFT Director Chairs with the FLUOTEC brand are part now of all our marketing campaigns they immediately convey our brand and our membership to the industry they have amazing quality and the Black ones we have look great and sharp

If you could design your next chair canvas, what would you put on it?

I would love to have our Service Marks and Brands that go hand in hand with Director Chairs

The Hollywood Lighting Style


Why are Filmcraft chairs the perfect choice on set or in studios?

Comfort on Set or in Studios is a must!

I have worked for 8 hours in our booth sitting in your chairs without any pain or discomfort

How have they helped your brand?

They immediately make you a Star on Set and work very well with our light to enhance the talent

If you could gift a personalized chair to someone, who would it be and why??

I am very clever :) will do it to my wife THE BOSS

Tell us more about Fluotec and how you got started with this amazing company!

FLUOTEC was founded 20 Years ago

In the beginning, we were the ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS (OEM) for LOWEL Lighting

This Lowel Lighting company was founded by Mr Ross Lowel a lighting pioneer, was the inventor of the most famous location lighting kits that every filmmaker used in those times

Ross Lowell (July 10, 1926 – January 10, 2019 [1]) was an American inventor, photographer, cinematographer, lighting designer, author, and entrepreneur who changed the film production industry with two inventions: a widely used quick-clamp lighting mount system, and gaffer tape.[2] He founded Lowel-Light, a manufacturer of highly portable lighting equipment used in TV, film and stage lighting, with 20 patents filed by Lowell. Lowell was the cinematographer for the Academy Award-winning short A Year Toward Tomorrow (1966), and he won an Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 1980 for his compact lighting system.

The same year, he was nominated for Best Short Film, Live Action for his 14-minute film Oh Brother, My Brother (1979), depicting two of his young children.[3] In 1987

Lowell was awarded the John Grierson Gold Medal by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), "in recognition of his many achievements, inventions, and innovative developments in the field of lightweight lighting and of grip equipment."[4]

Lowell worked on hundreds of documentaries, short films and television commercials. From 1972 he taught stage lighting at New York University and various professional seminars, and in 1992 he wrote a book about lighting, Matters of Light and Depth.[5]

FLUOTEC founder Didier Alexander invented and patented a revolutionary new concept of LIGHT


Lowel selected FLUOTEC as its manufacturing OEM partner and started selling those lights around the world

These LUMINAIRES started THE FLUOTEC HERITAGE of being an award-winning company the equipment was a great success and sold around the world known as


FLUOTEC® is a leading manufacturer of LED & professional lighting fixtures for television studios, motion pictures, video & photography. FLUOTEC® Studio Lights, Soft Lights, & Location Lights includes Spot Lights FRESNELS & StudioLED PANELS® that deliver powerful and beautiful light that bring tri-dimensional atmospheres to the scenes and images, either in photography, in television, or in motion picture productions.

FLUOTEC® has been present in the international markets for 20 years, a has considerable experience in lighting technology.

FLUOTEC® presents to the television lighting markets, new, powerful, high quality, innovative and efficient lighting FRESNELS.

FRESNELS from FLUOTEC® have no color shift between the center and the edge of the beam, the NEBULA® technology, unique to FLUOTEC® StudioLED FRESNELS®, emits powerful, high quality, full spectrum white light beams. This produces even light, well-defined shadows, desirable skin tones and accurate and vibrant stage and costumes color rendition.

What are you most excited to do when isolation is over???

I would love to have a fantastic SPA session!

How have you been enjoying time with your family?

Very much! Every day we have breakfast with my wife and my son and daughter and is like a party every day

Who inspires you?

Leonardo Da Vinci have always inspired my life

What message would you like to send out to everyone in the world right now?

All things must pass…and we will be stronger and nicer!

Tell us what is happening in your community right now!

Our community is suffering a lot, there is anxiety and fear but also the feeling that we will survive

How are you staying connected?  

We use a lot of Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, and Email for me! I live on the road so some of this is business as usual :)

What are your dreams and plans for the future?

I dream of a better, kinder world that is more conscious of our fellow human members with more solidarity for everyone

How can others stay in touch with you and Fluotec?

Follow our website and media!

Ing. Jose Maria Noriega C.A.S
Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer



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