Filmcraft Family - New York Star Club

Filmcraft Family - New York Star Club

We checked in with one of our favorite mother daughter pairs from New York City! Latesha and her daughter Lea
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How have you and your daughter been curing boredom during this time? 
I have been catching up on tv shows, taking daily naps, and working on long-term projects. Lea has started Rosetta Stone learning Spanish, catching up on movies, and lots of art projects. 
What is your favorite activity to do together?
Our favorite activity to do is cooking together. We have more time to try new recipes. This is also cool because Lea is a very picky eater. I have been able to get her to try new foods.
What is the biggest lesson you've learned from your mom?
The biggest lesson I have learned from my mom is doing as much work in one day as possible, because school work that gets plied up is no fun. 
Favorite thing about being a mom/daughter?
The best thing is that we have each other. We know our likes and dislikes. When someone is more lazy, we each take turns and get snacks for movie time.
How will you spend mother's day together?
Mothers day we will be doing a sip and paint. Since painting is Lea favorite thing to do. We will invite my mom to join us, this is therapeutic to us all. 
What events/online activities do you have coming up? 
New York Star Club University 

New York Star Club is offering a kiddie degree for Character Building. This program takes you through the ground level of Acting, Monologue Mastery, and Methods of Acting. This program will shape your child’s acting future. 


We get so many compliments on photos of the both of you in our Filmcraft director chair! What is your favorite thing about it?

It is so empowering to sit on my throne! I feel like everyone is ready to take my direction.

If you could design your next chair, what would you put on it? 

I would design to be all black with rhinestones. I love BLING! It would say BOSS
What are you most excited to do when isolation is over??
I cant wait to teach again.
Who inspires you?
I am inspired by by parents. Both of parents are from Jamaica and they came from nothing and became so successful in New York City. My mom was a hair stylist, she owned 2 salons in New York City before she retired. My Dad was a Dental Technician he had many labs  around the United States.  
What nicknames do you have for each other?
Lea calls me Mom Boss and I call her Little Baby. 
What is your favorite mother/daughter activity?
It changes from time to time. Right now we really enjoy cooking. 
What message would you like to send out to everyone in the world right now? 
Be patient with yourself and focus on Mental Health. Although it feels like nothing is going on. So much is going on and we are so new to this. This too shall pass. 

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