heywhatsyourface with Ryan Meyer

heywhatsyourface with Ryan Meyer

We caught up with our newest Filmcraft Family, the extraordinary, Ryan Meyer of heywhatsyourface, A Lighting & Grip Company



How did you get started in the film industry?

My Dad was the Managing editor for Variety Magazine, he made me feel like it was possible.

Tell us more about heywhatsyourface...

heywhatsyourface is a full service rental house for the filming community, we got our start with grip electric and have expanded into stage rental and production supplies. We consider ourselves a full service boutique. We believe if it’s in LA and you are willing to pay for it. We will make it happen. A couple of years ago we even got a DeLorean for a client as an example.

How did that company name come about??

What do you call someone when you can’t remember their name? There were a couple of other options I had come up with… Juice Crew All-stars.. this refers to the common term of calling set electrics Juicers. Another was Light Attendant. Really accent an airline style swag. Maybe paint plane windows on the sides of the trucks.. silly stuff like that. However when it came down to it I wanted a name that could expand. Something that can grow bigger then just myself.

You have an amazing logo! What went into designing it?

Laughing, thank you.. took me all about two minutes to find a font I liked and playing the basics of photoshop. Like the late great Bob Ross used to say… Happy accidents.

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced being in lighting and grip?

Having a social life. Work life balance Is the biggest challenge. To make anything in this world worth while takes work and time… This business is no different.

What was your most exciting project or experience on a set?

I did a show in Las Vegas were I got to light an arena. I hung close to 70,000 pounds of lights truss and cable over an audience. Floating on chain motors. That took a lot of math, and overall was a great challenge. I felt extremely proud when it all went up and worked without problems.

What genre of film is your favorite?

I like movies like “Three billbords outside Ebbing… “, “This is Happening”, “the sessions”

Do you have a favorite director?

No, I have some friends who are directors… I like them.

What new innovations are you seeing in this industry?

Technology is running away in this industry, and it’s moving fast. What I love to see is when people mix the old school lighting with the new. Personally I feel like the tungsten bulb is the most perfect thing in the world. And if we had renewable energy it would be the most efficient as well.

Where do you see this industry headed in the coming years? months?

It really depends on the Covid-19 crises. How our country handles it and weather we take it seriously or not.

We see you love director's chairs and we were thrilled to work on a print with you, why do you think a printed canvas is good for your brand?

Let me just say I have wanted a director’s chair since I started in the business, and I don’t mean in my home, but when I am on set. For me I started on the bottom, the Director’s chair is a status symbol, a spot for those who have earned the right to sit. I am not talking about the lookie loo’s or VIPs that come visit and get a chair or the script super who has to sit all day. But I am referring to is the grip and electric crew. The only member of the team who gets a director’s chair is the head of the department. And that person has to earn it. So I as I earned my spot on the chair, I started Heywhatsyourface. That chair and Heywhatsyourface, have a bond of confidence.
When I see Directors, DP’s, gaffers and Key grips, sitting in Directors chairs. I know how many people are trying to get that job. I know how hard it was for them to get that job.
And when I see one of them sitting in our chairs, it brings me pride that I get to be part of their story and they get to be part of mine.

What advice would you give to others designing their own canvas?

Have a sense of humor. Life doesn’t need to be that serious.

If you could gift anyone in the world a personalized chair, who would it be and what would it look like?

Dean Campbell, it would say his full name and under it, it would say “looking good, feeling good!”
Dean has had a 30year career in the industry, and has cut his teeth and every environment and never got a hand or hand out… he has earned his position and works hard on every shoot to prove it…. And unfortunately often over looked.

What hobbies do you have outside of work?

Cooking, taking care of plants, and hanging out with my dog. Occasionally Ill draw and paint, but I feel like it’s been a while.

How have you been dealing with changes during the pandemic?

During the pandemic I have been extremely busy. Every morning I wake up at 6 am, and head to the office by 8:30, I spend my day organizing, cleaning, building, and making the place and the business better. I want to be ready when we pick back up. We normally are a very clean location, the pandemic has brought some new products into our house, now we are really clean.

Favorite movie or tv show out right now?

I saw knives out. it was a lot of fun. Daniel Craig’s accent is a little off putting but the look and style of the move is great. And the story moves well.

What message do you have for the world?


How can others support companies like yours in the coming days?

Make Stuff. Make a lot of stuff.

Who inspires you?

My Mom is my biggest inspiration and hero. Growing up she was a school teacher. when she was 32 she decided to become a doctor. It took her 10 years but she did it. She is the one who shows me it it’s all possible.


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