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Home Design

Director chairs can be used in a variety of ways in your home. 

Filmcraft chairs in both tall and dining height can be versatile, interesting and unpredictable seating for your home whether as a desk chair in your home office, bar seating, a vanity chair in your bedroom, around a firepit, paired with a lamp in a reading nook, enhanced patio seating or at your kitchen counters. 

Summer day hanging out and having a barbecue with family is the perfect space to have four dining height chairs around a firepit or on your patio for your family to gather. We had a family personalize four chairs with their last name and since then we hear from them all the time and how lovely the chairs look at their home and how often they get complimented on their chairs.

Their family name was so important to them and personalizing the chairs made each family member have a special space to call their own. It connected them all together. Many barbecues and family get togethers were held in those chairs. A plain patio set would have never provided the same connection that the personalized chairs did. 

Sitting in front of your desk, creating your latest novel and when inspiration hits, your chair of inspiration comes alive and you type or write your greatest works. 

Many love our chairs for reading and relaxing in their libraries or reading nooks. Some have put their favorite authors names on the canvas connecting them even further into their fantasy reading land. 

A woman, Mary, with a beautiful vanity was often found combing her hair or putting on lotion on a short, uncomfortable stool until she discovered our director chair. Her husband had the chair personalized to say Queen and that changed her entire vanity area. Mary now is inspired each and every day she sits there and the personalization was done in the exact accent color of the room, gold. The Queen now has her throne. A beautiful black and gold throne made to match her special space. 

A mother was teaching her daughter how to cook. Her daughter was only 6 years old and could never see up on top of the counter. A tall director chair fixed that. In fact, mom got one for her and her daughter and put their names on it. They would sit up at the kitchen counter and island and flip through recipe books and mom even taught her how to make her grandmother's famous chocolate chip cookies. They were creating memories while upgrading the home. 

A dad was showing his son the many things he works on in his garage. The two would talk shop all day long and did so many different projects together. One day dad surprised him with a gift for the two of them, personalized natural chairs and the wood was the same wood that they used to build with out there. The chairs had 'dad' and 'monkey' his son's nickname on them and it forever cemented their bond. Even once the son moved away, he will still come visit that space and hang out with his dad. When he wasn't there, the chair still was and it felt like his son always had a precense in the home. 

When the Lazetti family created their new home bar, they looked at thousands of different chairs. The bar was tiki style and they couldn't land on the perfect chairs to purchase. Then they found us. Our tall natural wood chairs matched their new bar perfectly. With differing canvas colors, they were able to accent the entire space with the chairs. We suggested they personalize the canvas with Hawaiian words and sayings to really amp it up. The Aloha and Maholo chairs became one of our favorite projects. We placed hibiscus flowers on two of them as well and these went from simple bar chairs to a full blown home design project. Best part is that when they decide to change themes down the road, they have the chairs already and can just get fresh canvas for an entirely new style. 

A bride and groom got a pair of chairs with husband and wife put on them as a wedding gift. They were short black chairs with white canvas. At the wedding this was so fun to have and designate a space. Once they were married, the couple had the chairs at their home. We were contacted by the husband and we helped them to get fresh canvas for their new shared home together that said Mr. Hampty and Mrs. Hampty. They would always be bride and groom and husband and wife but Mr. and Mrs. felt right. This was a wonderful way to celebrate their life together. 

So many varying ways to use director chairs in your home. You can elevate your home design colors, use as accent pieces, personalize your spaces, use for functionality and extra seating, personalize for that connected touch or get artistic and inspire others with unique styles, designs, inspirational quotes, canvas colors and more. 

Filmcraft director chairs are made professional-grade for studios and sets and that is exactly why they work so well in homes. They are durable, long-lasting and classy and just like you, your home deserves the very best at an affordable price. 

Upgrade your home space today!

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