Mother-Daughter Filmcraft Family With Kim & Olivia DeVenne- Hwy 101 entertainment

Mother-Daughter Filmcraft Family With Kim & Olivia DeVenne- Hwy 101 entertainment

We visited with Filmcraft Family, Kim and Olivia DeVenne 

We met the amazing Kim at a Women In Media Brunch event late last year. She recently designed her very own Hwy 101 entertainment chair and a gorgeous USC graduation chair for her daughter, Olivia

We caught up with them to find out more about this extraordinary mother and daughter, all things Hwy 101 entertainment, USC graduation and how they've been spending time.

We want to send a giant CONGRATULATIONS to Olivia who just celebrated her graduation from USC School of Cinematic Arts Film and Television Production, Magna Cum Laude! We can't wait to see this rising star in the future! We are sure she will take after her mom and have much success in her bright future. Congrats Olivia!

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How have you been curing boredom during this time?

Kim - exercising, writing new scripts, FaceTiming friends and family, enjoying nature
Olivia - Writing scripts and editing old projects that I’ve shot. Recording new material while going on daily walks.

What is your favorite activity to do together?

Kim - Travel, film pursuits, sushi, rooftop brunches, beach walks, sunsets
Olivia - Watching movies, going out to eat, bounce new ideas off one another, make cocktails.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned from each other?

Kim - Olivia’s fearless tenacity in pursuing her dreams in the film world. Her humor. Her deep connections to friends and family.
Olivia - Her motivation and perseverance, and faith in herself and loved ones.

Favorite thing about being mother and daughter?

Kim - We are a team in everything we do, from family to film. Late night heartfelt chats. Long walks, deep talks.
Olivia - How we can be each other’s friend now that I’m older.

How did you celebrate Mother Day?

Kim - In a socially distanced backyard celebration with my parents and Olivia. Three generations.

Tell us more about Highway 101 Entertainment and how did it get started?
Kim - As an empty nester I decided to create a company to pursue my dreams in film as a Second Act, focusing on women and diversity.

What events/online activities do you have coming up?

Kim - A COVID lockdown film production, still under wrap! A number of film projects awaiting production to resume. Two separate music collaborations in the works including a documentary with a singer/songwriter from Scotland, as well as a short film featuring the music of a local rising hip hop star. Planning international travel to continue film and television abroad, including Christmas films set in Ireland.
Olivia - Online virtual graduation from USC. Interviewing for jobs during this pandemic. Zoom writers’ group. Attending online filmmaker panels.

We got so many compliments on the photo of your Filmcraft director chairs! What is your favorite thing about it?

Kim & Olivia - The colors are inspiring, with our personalized names, my company logo, and Olivia’s USC film school graduation celebration.

If you could design your next chair artwork, what would you put on it? What tips do you have for others looking to design their own chair?

Kim - Inspirational quotes could be cute. I liked “She-ro” for example.
Olivia - Maybe a quote from one of my favorite directors.

Why are Filmcraft chairs the perfect gift?
Kim - They are high quality, with personalization

Who would you gift a chair to in the future?
Kim - Great for graduations, birthdays, special occasions

What are you most excited to do when isolation is over??

Kim - Get back to work - filming. Traveling. Meeting in person. Hugs. Restaurants.

Who inspires you?

Kim - Other creatives. Anyone taking a leap of faith to pursue their dream - in film,
television, music, art, business, fashion.

What message would you like to send out to everyone in the world right now?

Kim - As difficult of a time as this is, it is also a chance for a restart, a time to reflect, to take a chance, to create, believe, dream.

Tell us what is happening in your community right now! How are you staying connected?

Kim - Neighbors are coming together reaching out, supporting curbside cocktails and restaurants, delivering sunflowers, getting together for a social distance walk or beach hello, with people that might have been just a brief online interaction.
Olivia - Zoom game nights, FaceTime with family and friends

What are your dreams and plans for the future?

Kim - To continue the global film and television projects that I was pursuing up until February 2020 in Ireland and the U.K. Bringing creatives together in the world of film, television, fashion, and music. Taking lessons learned from lockdown and incorporating them into the future. Appreciating the human connection.

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