While our director's chairs are a staple on beautiful Hollywood sets and productions, they are also a preferred choice for specialty gifting for that special person in your life or for yourself!

Our new tool is very easy to use and our customers come from all over the world looking for that extraordinary item that will wow their gift recipients or upgrade their home space.

Personalized, professional-grade chairs last a lifetime and you can create the perfect gift with your choice of customization.

Use our tool to make the best gift for your mom or wife, highlight your youtube channel with your media name, upgrade your barstools with fun sayings, inspire others with printed quotes, create lasting memories with nicknames or anniversary dates, increase your following with a custom chair for your makeup tutorials, celebrate your upgraded home with fresh patio chairs with family names on them, impress your boss and co-workers while working from home with company logo or job title in your virtual meetings and much more!

Need inspiration? We are here to help. Just email or call us any time!



We can't wait to see what you create.

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