The Ultimate Step By Step Guide to Personalizing Filmcraft Director’s Chairs

The Ultimate Step By Step Guide to Personalizing Filmcraft Director’s Chairs

Pick chair height and finish

Pick your canvas color

Create your design - Use our design tool here.

Impress your audience

It’s pretty undeniable the presence a director’s chair makes on set or even in a person’s home. Everyone knows that the director’s chair is the place for VIPs.  Even in our home, guests race to sit in it for the taste of what it’s like to be the leader on a set. 

As the premier supplier of director’s chairs to Hollywood, we love the aspirational identity people get when they sit in our chair. You can see their confidence rise and they conduct themselves with a sense of purpose in showcasing their vision.

It’s almost cliche, but it’s like a
superhero’s cape that transforms them. 

One of the many services we offer is personalizing canvas. We print names of directors, producers, actors, CEOs, makeup artists, entrepreneurs, and brands. The great thing about director’s chairs is that they transcend across industries - trade shows, events, makeup, gifts, etc. If you want to showcase a brand, there is nothing like seeing it printed on a director’s chair. 

The Two Sides Of A Story. 

FRONT Side - also known as the inside

BACK Side - also known as the outside

First, what side do you want printed?
Our answer is always based on how it will be used. On set, usually the back side of the chair is where names are printed. Sometimes just the word, “Director” or “Producer” is printed on the back and a project name is printed on the inside of the chair. However, if a chair needs to be “camera ready” (meaning absent of any visible logos), then usually just the inside is printed. We also stock preprinted canvas with “Director” and “Producer” - available

In a home environment, the chair is usually against a wall so it doesn’t make much sense to print the back since it will be covered most of the time. Typically in a home, just the inside is personalized since it faces the room and has the most impact.

At trade shows, it’s best to print your logo on both sides since there are multiple angles where the chair is seen. You want to maximize your branding from all angles. 

If a chair is on a stage (usually for Q&As) just the inside is printed since that is the only side that faces the audience. 

Second, what kind of artwork? 
If you are printing a name, we offer a useful design tool where you can create personalized canvas for either side (available
here). You can add names, companies or nicknames. Have fun playing with it since it’s free. 

But if you’re looking for branded canvas with custom logos, our design tool will also accept certain file formats. Vector files (SVG) are files that maintain high quality regardless of the size. This is the prefered format for logos and custom artwork because the results are always great. Other formats can also work but would need to be mocked up and reviewed before printing. Logo and colors can all add to the complexity so for the most accurate quote, contact us first.

Third: What quantities do you need?
These days, there seems to be an endless amount of print methods to create high quality artwork. At Filmcraft, we use the tried-and-true methods that net the best results. 

Heat Transfer Vinyl - For small print runs. Nothing beats heat transfer vinyl for quantity, quality and durability. It’s just like personalized names on sports jerseys. A plotter cuts out shapes on a sheet of vinyl. The vinyl gets pressed on the canvas with a heat press. The final product is a one color (multiple colors are available) print that looks great and can last years. 

Screen printing for quantities over 12. Contact us for a quote. Screens are made for each color of the print and ink is then applied using the screen. Each screen has a one time set up charge but the printing cost per piece drops significantly. So your upfront costs are higher but your per piece charge is lower. 

Have questions about your project? Drop us an line and we’ll help you out. Whether you’re in need of personalized director’s chairs for your company, production, show or event, we can help you take charge and impress your audience. We’re the premier supplier of director’s chairs to Hollywood and we’re here to help you tell your story.

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