Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world

Action: What are your characters doing? How are they doing it?

Dialogue: What is their message? What are they saying?

Location: Where are they? Why are they there?

Character Senses: What are you characters listening to? seeing? hearing? touching? interacting with? smelling? who are they around? what inspires them?

Voice: What is their voice? What is their message?

What is their narrative?

What are their surroundings? Colors? Imagery?

What motivates your character?

What motivates you as a storyteller?

Is this print, poem, media, video, film, art, photography?

Every person has a story to tell.

The best storytellers find and identify with their audiences. Be it film, tv, commercial, print, video, script, book, poem, music, photography, fashion, beauty or makeup, every story has an origin and every story has an audience.

The best stories connect with the audience and bridge the gap between you and me. A storyteller should engage, listen and interact with their audience. Great storyteller leaders listen, engage and interact with their audience.

Connecting is more important than ever.

How are you creating to inspire?

What is your audience?

Your story needs to be told.

Every story inspires in some way. We learn lessons, forgiveness, motivations, goals and how to be better humans.

Storytellers make us think and question what we know and open our eyes to learn more.

Authors, Directors, Screenwriters, Photographers,Artists all share a personal piece of their inner magic with their storytelling. Storytellers are a gift to our world and we can't wait to see what you all create.

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