Women In Media Film Fest & Distribution Conference

Women In Media Film Fest & Distribution Conference

Join for the spectacular finale of Women In Media’s “Script to Screen” CAMERAderie Inititiative Conference Series. This two-day virtual conference will feature industry leaders and pull back the curtain on the final leg of the filmmaker’s journey – Getting your film out there! Panel discussions, in-depth presentations, and candid question & answer sessions with the people who understand the changing landscape of festivals and distribution will inspire, demystify and help build winning strategies to get your film to audiences clamoring for your content.

GET YOUR TICKETS! https://www.womennmedia.com/event/film-festival-and-distribution-conference/

Learn more about all the amazing things Women In Media are doing to change the narrative and make a real impact in the lives of female filmmakers across the globe 


Women In Media promotes gender balance in the film and entertainment industries through networking, professional development, and advocacy for women, women-identifying, and gender-nonconforming filmmakers who work above and below the line and the people who love to collaborate with them.


When you donate to Women In Media, you advance equality and inclusion in the entertainment industry. 

Our minimum benchmark is 40% – 60% women in every department, every crew, every show. We have a multi-pronged approach to achieve this goal. Through training initiatives, the #WIMCrewList, and direct introductions/mentorship, your support is supporting a more equitable workforce. 

Your donation advances programs such as the CAMERAderie Initiative#HireTheseWomen Lunches, and our ongoing advocacy with the #ParityInAction Pledge and Badge. Your contribution is moving the needle on how women are seen, hired, and heard in the entertainment industry.



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