Our amazing friends at Women In Media have brought back Illumination Training!

2022 dates are July 16 and 17 and July 30 and 31. One weekend will be for Grip and the other for Electrics, depending on instructor availability.

If you haven't yet donated to #WiMEmpower you can support this amazing organization by donating at this link: https://www.donorbox.org/wimempower 

The Illumination Training application is only open to Women In Media members with a distinct interest in Grip and/or Electrics.


  • You should not have taken Illumination training before – let’s give someone else a chance.
  • Your WiM CrewList profile will be used to vet you.
  • If you need to apply for membership to get your profile, please do so here https://womennmedia.com/request-membership/
  • Illumination participants will be on our radar for the next round of CAMERAderie as well as other opportunities.

Please fill the application at this link: https://womennmedia.com/wim-mbs-illumination-training-2022/

Space is limited.

About Illumination Training
Over the course of the early pandemic, Women In Media collaborated with MBS Group SVP of Global Finance and Operations, Irene Phan to create #Illumination Training that enhanced our member’s skills in Grip, Electrics, and Carpentry/Scenic Art. Trainees got hands-on training at the MBS and Television City facilities, working side by side with highly skilled gaffers, grips, best boys, and rigging assistant chief lighting technicians, as well as carpenters and scenic artists leading to further opportunities. Putting these skills into practice, we built and lit sets for two of our CAMERAderie films and worked with MBS gear on all four films.

We are thrilled to offer this ground breaking program that has launched multiple sustainable careers in non-traditional roles.

Word got around, and a number of our 2021 Illumination participants were recommended for jobs that helped them get their Union days as well as pipelined into studio programs and great jobs. A number of participants have gotten into, or are on track to get into the grip, electrics, camera, and carpentry unions as a result of this program.

Photo Ashly Covington

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