Women In Media Women's History Month Contest

Women In Media Women's History Month Contest

Filmcraft has partnered with Women In Media to celebrate Women’s History Month with a Contest Giveaway!  Here's to the awesome women and gender nonconforming folks in our community!

This is only open to Women In Media members. If you haven't joined yet, you should head to the links below! 

Here's how to be eligible to win:
1) Log into the Women In Media website
2) Go on the #CrewList and follow folks.  
3) Introduce yourself in The WiMLounge Salon Group by slating your name, what you do, and any wants, needs or offers.  Brevity is wit!

The person who posts in The Salon who has followed the most people will win a customizable director’s chair 

If there is a tie, we will check to see where else folks have posted in the WiMLounge to see who is the best community member.  Engagement quality and quantity will be the final decider.

Don’t be shy about DM’ing folks on the #wimlounge and wishing them a Happy Women’s History Month!

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